I am Dr. Laura DeMarzo, Psychologist and Certified Divorce Coach. With decades of counseling experience dealing with families and marriages in conflict, I can help you and your family through this difficult time by minimizing both the pain and expense divorce invariably brings.

I will work collaboratively and respectfully with all parties to help resolve all the painful issues that come with divorce. Working together we can minimize the negative effects of divorce on your family and children. I will teach you skills to overcome obstacles and to address your spouse in constructive ways. Together we can focus on desired outcomes and to move forward with a positive attitude rather than rehashing the past. I can help you to understand that strong emotions are a part of the process while showing you and your family techniques and strategies to cope with those emotions. With emotions under control we can better work to a resolution rather than retiring to your respective corners preparing for a fight. By controlling emotions I can help you avoid “the battle” and ever escalating legal fees, leaving you and your family in a better place both emotionally and financially.